Festival Stage of Winston-Salem - Professional Theatre Company - Winston Salem, North Carolina New York

Meet the Company

James F. Pyne, Jr.
James F. Pyne, Jr. is the Director of Design at The People's Light & Theatre Company in Malvern, Pa.  In his 35 seasons with PLTC, he has created scenery and/or lighting for over 230 productions, including Hatchetman, King Lear and Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily all directed by Steve Umberger. Jim has designed 35 World Premiers and 15 Regional Premiers, including Sister Carrie, and 8 of PLTC's signature holiday Panto productions, including Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, Treasure Island, Cinderella, Snow White, and Three Musketeers. Jim has received 12 Barrymore nominations for Outstanding Scenic and/or Lighting Design, winning for Outstanding Scenic Design in 1996 for The Life of Galileo and again in 2002 for The Merchant of Venice. Jim has also designed scenery for The Arden Theatre Company, Villanova University, Act II Playhouse, The Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis, and The Enchantment Theatre Co.  Jim is honored to be designing his first production for Festival Stage of Winston-Salem.